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The NFC Playoff Picture Is Absurdist Art

Kyle Koster

Washington's football team won a particularly ugly game against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football to move to 5-6 on the year and into the hunt for a playoff spot. ESPN's broadcast trotted out one of the most enjoyable graphics in all of sports to contextualize the state of play as the calendar turns to December and the contenders and pretenders jockey to end up on the right side of the tournament. Nothing excites quite like the In The Hunt column and this year has provided an extraordinary canvas. Take a look at how ridiculously crowded and busy the NFC outlook is entering December.

So you're saying everyone has a chance to make the postseason? Except of course the Detroit Lions, who are literally the only team not included in this snapshot. Because even in topsy-turvy years, 0-10-1 simply won't cut it.

Gaze upon the right column here and marvel at the mediocrity. The Falcons! The Saints! The Eagles! Oh my god, the Panthers! Is that the freaking Football Team? It's as if half the league has been offered a second chance pool after their original brackets were busted. A do-over where playing .500 football the rest of the way may be enough.

It's Rovellian to say but this is tremendous content, even if it's not great — or even competent — football, but that doesn't make it less true.