Newsmax Host Suggests 'Osama Bin Laden' of Orcas Is Out There

Orca coverage is all the rage right now.


Orcas are having a moment as they are encountering boats out in the ocean and bumping uglies to assert dominance. It's like they just realized they have a strong homefield advantage and want to make sure humans know who's boss. One cannot purport to have a respectable news broadcast these days without devoting at least one segment to orca coverage.

Say what you want about Newsmax but they understand this. And their recent update on the situation did not disappoint as the presenter jumped on the opportunity to introduce the idea of an "Osama bin Laden of orcas" into the mix. Something he clearly enjoyed doing.

You can really see the gears grinding up in that noggin as he makes the jump from union leaders to the world's most famous terrorist. Perhaps a bit revealing there.

It's a throwaway comment but he's playing a dangerous game. Imagine you're the orca at home watching this on your cable bundle and you get excited about being on the news. Then this comparison comes flying in your direction. It might further radicalize you.

It also suggests a world where there are the _____ of orcas. The Michael Jordan of Orcas. The Catherine Keener of Orcas. The DB Cooper of Orcas. What we don't know about this planet is amazing.