Newsmax Anchor Bob Sellers Walks Off During Crazy Mike Lindell Interview

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on Newsmax
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on Newsmax /

Mike Lindell is still spouting bonkers allegations about election fraud and it's gotten so bad even Newsmax is having to refute him on-air. The network invited the MyPillow CEO on the air Tuesday to talk about cancel culture and he immediately began spewing nonsensical conspiracy theories about Dominion. It only devolved from there.

The hosts wanted Lindell to discuss his Twitter ban in the larger context of cancel culture -- or something to that effect -- but all he wanted to do was yell about having evidence Dominion rigged the election. That led to Newsmax anchor Bob Sellers reading a prepared statement -- all the while talking over Lindell -- that Newsmax can't verify the allegations and the company accepts the election results. Things never got back on track.

Here's the completely insane segment:

In the middle of the segment, Sellers just walked off. He just left. Where is he going? Maybe he thought things had gone so bad he just went to get an icy beverage before the next segment. Nothing like a cold cola to wash down the insanity of a right-wing nutjob.