Newsmax Cannot Stop Creating Incredible Television


Newsmax is not in heavy rotation around these parts. But even from a safe distance, it's been hard not to notice the incredible week of content they in the middle of building over there. Just a few hours after anchor Bob Sellers literally up and left so he couldn't be associated with potentially libelous rantings from MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, the ghosts of viral content present were back on the airwaves.

A man with a surplus of black leather couches in his shot appeared on something called Stinchfield and was visited by the most alarming of technical difficulties during his live shot.

Suddenly there were three of him and he was doing an impression of Lou Gehrig giving his Luckiest Man speech. One simply does not see it every day. But one should.

Seeing this glitch gives me an idea. What if cable news shows gave each pundit a button that could do this when their intellectual adversary on the other side was trying to speak? They'd get one press per appearance to slow down the opposing momentum. Wouldn't that spice up the made-for-television debates?

Look at what Around the Horn did with a simple buzzer in one hand. Imagine if everyone had a button to press to bring instant chaos. It'd probably keep you tuned in.