Newsmax Host Loses It After Veteran Offers Mild Critique of Donald Trump

Kyle Koster

Stintchfield is one offering available from Newsmax and I'll be completely up front in saying there hasn't been a tremendous amount of tape-grinding on that program happening at this particularly blogging facility. We're still waiting for the All-22 to come in before diving in, yet there is one observation to make from the broadcast feed.

Offering the most tepid of criticisms toward the Trump administration will be combatted with the fury of a tornado by aforementioned Grant Stinchfield. Here's how his interview with Joe Saboe, who is doing his damndest to help Americans and Afghan allies flee Afghanistan, ended.

That's a quick hook. Even Joe West would have given a bit more latitude before the ejection.

If one looks hard enough there's probably a fair amount of criticisms available for people on each side of the table over the past 20 years. It's actually one of the few times a person can shout Both Sides and be correct.

Except on Stinchfield's watch.