Newcastle Fans Brawl With Arsenal Fan in Home End


Football rivalries are fierce and the last thing you want to do is end up surrounded by opposing fans in the middle of a match. One Arsenal fan found himself in that exact spot over the weekend during the club's match with Newcastle and paid the price as a brawl broke out while he was in the home end.

Not the craziest fight we've ever seen but a rather frightening glimpse of what happens if you're in the midst of a football-juiced donnybrook.

On the one hand, mob mentalities are always bad and watching one guy get jumped by several rows of fans isn't great. On the other hand, this isn't like some drunk college kid wandering into the other team's student section. There are very strict unspoken rules in place about going to the home team's side as an away fan across the pond. As in, you do not do it. Ever. And there's no way to accidentally wind up there.

Not a great look for anybody involved. Aresnal would beat Newcastle 2-0.