300 Non-Editorial New York Times Employees Staged a Virtual Walkout Over Tom Cotton Op-Ed

Stephen Douglas

On Wednesday the New York Times published an op-ed from Sen. Tom Cotton (Ark.) titled, "Send in the Troops." The op-ed ran in the NYT print edition on the 31st anniversary of Tiananmen Square. The editorial suggested sending the United States military into American cities to break up protests by force. Some people thought this was a bit much. Including more than 300 New York Times non-editorial staffers who staged a virtual walkout on Friday.

The New York Times has gotten days of content out of covering their own bungling of this situation from the start. First, they published a column explaining why they published the op-ed. And then the paper of record said that the op-ed did not meet editorial standards. If it wasn't happening in 2020, it would seem made up.

Yesterday, 30 Philadelphia Inquirer employees called in sick after the newspaper ran a column titled, "Buildings Matter Too." Earlier this week, a number of Facebook employees staged a virtual walkout because of Mark Zuckerberg's handling of Donald Trump's inflammatory posts.