Sitting Next to a Stranger at a Sporting Event Will Be So Cathartic When It Happens

Kyle Koster
Al Bello/Getty Images

Sports teams playing under the New York banner banded together to put out a video reminding everyone that we're all in this together. It's not a unique message but there's something about this production that really hits home and effectively replicates -- ever so briefly -- the boundless and freeing feeling that experiencing these pastimes among a throng of fans allows.

It's only been a bit over a month since the lockdown began in earnest. And already the desire for human connection can be overwhelming at times. I am struck by just how much I yearn to be seated next to a stranger at a game. Even if it's a loud, annoying one. I miss the unpredictability of those outside my circle.

The amount I'd pay to have someone accidentally spill stale beer on my back or stand up to block my view as a pivotal moment plays out is quite remarkable and, frankly, a bit jarring. When you crave the bad things, the flies in the ointment, it highlights just how much you've taken the comforts and joys of life for granted.

It will be so cathartic to do all this again, whenever that may be.