New York Post: Sam Darnold 'Got Wasted' and 'Hooked Up With a Girl' After Beating the Raiders

Stephen Douglas
Oakland Raiders v New York Jets
Oakland Raiders v New York Jets / Al Bello/Getty Images

Sam Darnold had a really good day on Sunday. In a story that in all likelihood will be appear in a major print newspaper on Tuesday, the New York Post is reporting that the New York Jets quarterback and a mystery woman were seen canoodling at Chris Isen's Halloween party. OK, so we're a few weeks late for that Mean Girls reference, but Darnold still had a heck of a day, according to the Post.

"We’re told that Bounce Sporting Club in the Flatiron District hosted Darnold and his teammates after they walloped the Oakland Raiders 34-3 at MetLife Stadium. “They were celebrating like they’d just won the Super Bowl,” said a spy on the scene. “Sam Darnold was wasted, hooking up with some girl. The other guys on the team had to [look after] him.”"

On Sunday afternoon, Darnold had his best game of the season in a Jets' win over the Raiders. According to Page Six, Darnold and his teammates, a group of rich adults, traversed around town in a limousine.

"“His team protects him — that’s the way they are on the field, and off it. He’s the franchise.”"

That sounds... nice of them? Darnold then went home at 12:30 am, which is possibly the latest anyone has ever stayed out in New York City. As for Darnold's personal life, Page Six reports that another website reports that he used to date someone he went to college with, but there is no proof that he is still dating that person.