Someone Is Causing All Sorts of Headaches for the New York Post

Kyle Koster
Sean Gallup/GettyImages

The New York Post's Twitter account sent out several disturbing, since-deleted tweets this morning encouraging political violence against high-profile Democratic leaders with some racism and misogyny sprinkled in for good measure. Evidence of the nefariousness is below, and is tough to read.

Social media accounts getting hacked is nothing new, but what makes this incident a bit different is that these tweets included links to content on the New York Post's website where the headlines had also been changed, suggesting whoever did this also had access to the content management system.

That, of course, presents a significant problem. One that may have already been resolved or could continue to pop up in the future. Considering how much the internet resembles the lawless Wild West, it's actually surprising something like this doesn't happen more often. The Post has quickly played clean-up and reasonable people can understand that this was not an editorial choice signed off by the proper channels.

Busy, stressful morning for some people over there.

UPDATE: The organization addressed the hack via their Twitter account.