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New York Post, Actively Trying to Humiliate Donald Trump, Buries Him on Page 26

Kyle Koster
Joe Raedle/GettyImages

There's been a dramatic shift since Republicans underperformed in the midterms as the expanded Rupert Murdoch universe, as well as many previously loyal politicians, are now trying to put some space between themselves and Donald Trump. The emergence of Ron DeSantis and a pile of evidence that Americans weren't exactly in love with the former president's hand-selected candidates has left the party with some decisions before 2024. It appears a decision is already in at the New York Post, where they buried Trump's 2024 candidacy announcement on page 26 and referred to him only as "Florida Man."

Trump whisperer Maggie Haberman joined CNN This Morning on Wednesday to talk about the state of play. The overnight move away from Trump is pretty jarring but she cautioned that, at this point, he is still the frontrunner for the nomination. And reminded us that there's a long way to go.

Anyway there's almost two years — 24 months! — until the presidential election. Pace yourself.

It will be incredibly interesting to see if the right's media arm becomes friendlier to the former president if it looks like he's going to be the guy. It doesn't seem like they could keep dunking on him forever out of fear of helping the democrats but we are officially out of any political prediction markets until further notice.