New York Mets Fan Cries on Radio Over Chase Utley Situation

By Jason McIntyre

Chase Utley has been suspended for two games for his dirty slide Saturday night that broke the leg of New York’s Ruben Tejada in Game two of the NLDS. MLB called it an “illegal slide” but they didn’t call it that way Saturday night. Whoops.

It’s too little, too late for MLB, though – it’s clear they didn’t want Utley on the field in New York, where the Mets would be throwing at him, possibly starting a fight – umpires blew the call, the inning was extended, and the Dodgers capitalized to win the game, 5-2. With the series tied at one, Matt Harvey takes the mound for the Mets in Game 3.

Yes, that Matt Harvey. It’s undoubtedly the most important baseball game in New York in years.

Mets fans are extremely nervous. One fan was reduced to tears when he called into Mike Francesa’s Sunday radio show.