New York Knicks Get First Win Under Mike Miller, But Are Still Pretty Bad

Stephen Douglas
Indiana Pacers v New York Knicks
Indiana Pacers v New York Knicks / Mike Stobe/Getty Images

After a 4-18 start, the New York Knicks have improved to 5-20 under interim coach Mike Miller. Miller's 1-2 record, with the win coming over a Golden State Warriors team starting two power forwards and a true center, may not seem that impressive, but the players are really responding to his old school approach. Via the New York Post:

"As opposed to Fizdale’s small-ball bent, the coach said Miller also prefers to play a traditional big, playing off some low-post action. That might be because of having to run the triangle when Phil Jackson ran the show.The coach added that while Miller doesn’t like to run and gun, he demands a rapid pace in half-court sets with guys moving the ball and running around for handoffs and the like. Miller believes that’s another effective way of using pace."

A Phil Jackson disciple who likes to use traditional big men. He sounds like the perfect fit for a team full of cast-off power forwards and the front office that signed them all. A former D-League coach is quote in the story as saying that, "Players may not love him, but they respect him."

Maybe the best self-own of the entire article comes from Marcus Morris.

"“Mike was stuck in a tough situation and is doing a great job.”"

The tough situation is coaching this New York Knicks roster. The great job is going 1-2. And in one of those games, Tuesday at Portland, the Knicks lost by 28. No matter what attitude everyone has, this coach and most of this roster won't be back next season, but they'll all have the memories of the times they tried hard.