The New York Guardians Have Found Their Mascot

William Pitts
NY Guardians Mascot.
NY Guardians Mascot. /

Today marks the debut of the New York Guardians into the XFL, as they host the Tampa Bay Vipers at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

While the Guardians don't have an official mascot - at least not yet - it looks like this guy in the stands could be a leading candidate for the position.

We're not sure where the mask came from - frankly, it looks kinda like a deformed Green Goblin - but the aesthetic goes well with the Guardians' color scheme, as well as the area they play in. After all, New Jersey is famous for the legend of the "Jersey Devil", which has already lent its name to another sports team in the area. Why not keep it rolling with the mascot.