New 'Tiger King' Episode Coming to Netflix According to Justin Turner

Stephen Douglas
Justin Turner
Justin Turner / Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Netflix's hit docuseries, Tiger King, will have a new episode next week according to... Justin Turner? The Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman broke the news in the most new media chain of events possible by posting a Cameo video on Twitter that was sent to him from Tiger King characters Jeff Lowe and his wife Lauren. The message was a response to a podcast hosted by Turner's wife, Kourtney. Got that? Here, just let me show you.

Turner tweeted the video on Saturday, breaking the news that there would be a new episode coming next week.

Jeff and Lauren made that video after someone told them about the latest episode of Holding Kourt.

And the day before Netflix gave a little tease by posting part of an interview with the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic, on Friday.

The original Tiger King series was seven wild episodes, but considering the cultural impact, it's no surprise they rushed to make more. There is also a Joe Exotic podcast that is unrelated to the Netflix series.