New Report Accuses Washington Football Team of Producing Video of Explicit Cheerleader Outtakes [UPDATE]

Washington Football Team cheerleaders.
Washington Football Team cheerleaders. / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Washington Post has published new details about the toxic culture in Washington, this time saying there was a unofficial video of outtakes from cheerleader photoshoots made specifically for Daniel Snyder at the suggestion of former team broadcaster Larry Michael. Via The Washington Post:

"What the cheerleaders didn’t know was that another video, intended strictly for private use, would be produced using footage from that same shoot. Set to classic rock, the 10-minute unofficial video featured moments when nipples were inadvertently exposed as the women shifted positions or adjusted props. The lewd outtakes were what Larry Michael, then the team’s lead broadcaster and a senior vice president, referred to as “the good bits” or “the good parts,” according to Brad Baker, a former member of Michael’s staff. Baker said in an interview that he was present when Michael told staffers to make the video for team owner Daniel Snyder."

Larry Michael abruptly retired last month when the original accusations surfaced. The original video shoot for the Best of Beauties: 2008 video is still on the Washington Football website. While Michael denied this story to the Washington Post, Daniel Snyder and the Washington Football Team have had no comment.

The Post obtained a copy of the "good bits" video, as well as one made from the 2010 shoot. That version was allegedly burned to a DVD which was labeled "For Executive Meeting."

UPDATE: Owner Daniel Snyder released the below statement in response to the allegations made by the Washington Post in their story.