Time for the New Orleans Saints to End the Taysom Hill Experiment

Stephen Douglas
Taysom Hill
Taysom Hill / Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Taysom Hill has got to go. The New Orleans Saints are only hurting themselves with their obsession with this experiment. It's unclear what they think they have, but by having one guy who does a bunch of things OK, they're playing him at the expense of multiple guys who can do each thing better.

On Sunday, Hill fumbled in the 4th quarter of a close game that the Saints eventually lost. Hill fumbled on a play where he was playing "quarterback," which meant Drew Brees wasn't on the field. He was out there to hand the ball off or run up the middle. If the Saints want to run, they should probably let Alvin Kamara or Latavius Murray do that. Murray has averaged 4.1 yards per carry over his seven-year career and hasn't fumbled since 2017.

Hill was also targeted once on Sunday. He caught the ball and was tackled immediately. Even with Michael Thomas out, the Saints probably have other guys who can do that.

The Saints think they have Kordell Stewart, but really they've got Tim Tebow willing to play fullback. The Saints have a backup quarterback who can lead the team for years after Drew Brees retires and his name is Jameis Winston. A guy who had more completions in his first NFL start than Hill has attempts in his career.

They are going to pay Hill $16 million next season. That's money that should probably be spent on the guy who is actually going to replace Drew Brees.