New Orleans Pelicans Troll Anthony Davis Three Years Later

Alika Jenner/GettyImages

Against long odds, the New Orleans Pelicans are having a more productive season than the Los Angeles Lakers. They will play the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA's play-in tournament. Everyone and their brother makes the playoffs in the NBA so it's not an incredible accomplishment, yet it only makes the Lakers look worse.

Whoever was operating the Pelicans' official account last night decided delve into pettiness and pay off some revenge three years in the making.

If you've forgotten — and with all that's happened since 2019 — Anthony Davis wore a "That's All Folks" shirt to his final game with the Pelicans before forcing himself to the Lakers.

Not bad. Davis did win a title with Los Angeles, though. Has to count for something. Possibly playing a few games before getting dusted by Phoenix Suns should be fun too.