New Mexico State - Utah Valley State Ends With Fight Between Players and Fans During Court Storming

By Stephen Douglas

Utah Valley State (17-10) “upset” New Mexico State (21-9) 66-61 at the UCCU Events Center in Orem, Utah on Thursday night. As the game ended, New Mexico State’s K.C. Ross-Miller threw the basketball at Utah Valley’s Holton Hunsaker.

At the same time, Utah Valley students were storming the court and what happened next probably ruined court storming for kids all over the nation. Pushing, shoving and punching happened as chaos broke out. Players, fans, coaches and officials tangled. No matter who was to blame, the NCAA has to take a stance and likely ban court storming to protect the players and prevent future incidents like this one. Who could have guessed it would be because of two unranked no-name programs.

[via College Basketball Talk]