New Giants Coach Keeping Tom Coughlin's Stupid Clocks 5-Minutes Fast Tradition

Stephen Douglas

Ben McAdoo was introduced as the new head coach of the New York Giants today. At some point he shared this anecdote about paying tribute to the guy who won two Super Bowls and then promptly went 28-36 over the next four seasons and got fired.

I think we now know why the Giants lost six games after being tied or leading with 2-minutes remaining this season.

Tom Coughlin Time is something the New York media has been glamorizing for years now. It’s the idiotic practice of setting clocks 5-minutes fast because telling someone to be somewhere at a certain time and expecting them to show up at that time isn’t a cliched enough motivational technique. This is a stupid thing that Coughlin apparently stole from Vince Lombardi.

Good lord. People know that this doesn’t add extra time to the day, right?