New England Patriots Take Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in the Second Round

By Jason Lisk

The Patriots took a quarterback early in the NFL Draft. It was not Johnny Manziel, but rather Jimmy Garoppolo, from Tony Romo’s alma mater, Eastern Illinois. Tom Brady had his worst statistical season in a long time, and will turn 37 this August. Garoppolo is not supplanting Brady initially, but plenty of Hall of Famers have retired around age 38. He very well could be the quarterback of the future in 2 to 3 years. It’s the earliest they have taken a quarterback in the Brady/Belichick era.

It also raises the interesting scenario of Ryan Mallett. There were draft rumors yesterday regarding the Texans trading for Mallett. This may be a move that forces that trade, by basically taking Garoppolo away from the Texans as an option. It gets the Patriots a player who is under contract control for longer, through 2017 under the rookie deal.

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