New England Patriots Promote Color Rush Jerseys

Stephen Douglas
Tom Brady Jerseys.
Tom Brady Jerseys. / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The New England Patriots are among the many teams who will have new jerseys when the NFL next takes the field. The Patriots revealed the new jerseys today and they are apparently their old color rush jerseys. They have stripes on the shoulders. And dark pants. They are slightly different than previous New England jerseys, but also similar. Are they better or worse than the 2019 Pats' jerseys? Or does it not even matter since we won't see how Tom Brady looks in them?

Maybe that's the truth. Were the Patriots jerseys good because the team was? Does it matter what their jerseys look like now? What are the odds we ever see someone outside the Boston area wear one of these? Heck, most New England "fans" have moved on to buy Tampa Bay Buccaneers jerseys.