New England Patriots Get Mohamed Sanu, Even Better

Kyle Koster
Los Angeles Rams v Atlanta Falcons
Los Angeles Rams v Atlanta Falcons / Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The New England Patriots have not looked like a team with many flaws this year. Currently undefeated and somewhat likely to remain so all season, the franchise acted quickly in the aftermath of a blowout victory over the New York Jets to get even better. Adam Schefter and the other NFL insiders are reporting the Patriots have made a trade with the Atlanta Falcons to acquire Mohamed Sanu in exchange for a second-round pick.

It's somewhat a steep price for the 30-year-old receiver who is under contract through next season. Tom Brady already has a deepish cadre of pass-catchers but one can never have enough. Sanu has 33 receptions this year and is a high-caliber fill-in for the slot position when Julian Edelman is on the sideline noshing orange slices.

Though this wasn't a major factor, savvy fans should consider Sanu's ability to throw the football as something that could be important to the plot later on. He's 7 of 8 for 233 yards and four touchdowns in his career. One doesn't have to be a savant to foresee Belichick letting the Sanu uncork one in a trick play to beat the Ravens or something in the AFC Championship Game.

The Patriots, man. They never stop.