Here Are the New Cincinnati Bengals Uniforms

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals debuted new uniforms early Monday morning in the hopes of inspiring Ohioans to be more productive at work this week with the knowledge that their favorite football team will look slightly different come the fall. Here's what Joe Burrow and his colleagues will be wearing as they attempt to climb closer to the .500 mark.

Is it a good thing when there's a grand jersey reveal and I, a person tasked with watching sports for a living, can't tell if it's an upgrade or a downgrade? Or even what the previous uniforms look like? I am sure there are some differences but it really would be an enjoyable psych-op for a team to re-release their current jerseys, let everyone talk about how dastardly or great they were, then reveal the bit like in The Emperor's New Clothes.