Nelson Agholor Invites Baby-Catching Philadelphia Hero To Eagles Home Game

Stephen Douglas
Detroit Lions v Philadelphia Eagles
Detroit Lions v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Nelson Agholor had two drops in the Philadelphia Eagles' loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday. On Monday the city of Philadelphia woke to find a new champion. Local news interviewed a man had caught babies being thrown from a burning building and he took the opportunity to drag Agholor.

Upon seeing the viral video Agholor asked Twitter for help getting in touch with the man so he could invite him to the next Eagles home game.

Even in Philly, how can you stay mad at this guy? Between this and taking complete blame for a drop the week before, he handling this entire situation with absolute class. Via the Philadelphia Inquirer:

"“I have to make that play,’’ Agholor said. “I have to find a way to catch it. Watch where it’s going and look it all the way in. “I train every day to make plays like that.’’"

Agholor leads the Eagles in receptions (18) and touchdowns (three) and is second in receiving yards. In the Eagles Super Bowl win over the Patriots, he caught nine passes for 84 yards. Leave this man alone.