Ned Yost and Jeff Foxworthy Combined to Kill 127 Deer Last Season

By Tim Ryan

They drink beer together, tell stories together, stay up late and talk about life together. Then the next day, they usually rise and head toward a deer stand. This past deer season, they killed 27 on Yost’s property; he estimates they took down about 100 on Foxworthy’s land. They clean, process and butcher the deer themselves, techniques that, in another one of his projects, Yost learned and perfected years ago. They donate most of the meat to food banks and churches.

I’m beyond relieved to learn that Foxworthy’s personal assistant wasn’t the poor soul tasked with cleaning, processing and butchering all 127 dead deer.

Apparently each deer the duo coldly hunts down is given a name and a backstory. The first one Yost hunted was named after Bo Jackson because, according to Yost, he was “such a stud.” However, elusive deer named after Herschel Walker, Batman, and Spider-Man remain on the loose.

Royal fans will be amused to learn Yost has even named a deer after outfielder Wil Myers, who’s in the team’s farm system. His reasoning? Because in two years, he’s going to be something special.

Most importantly, if you’ve ever found yourself enjoying the comedic offerings of Jeff Foxworthy, you’re definitely a redneck.