Nebraska Unveils Sweet New Alternate Uniforms for 2019 College Football Season

Liam McKeone

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have hit a bit of a tough stretch in recent years. They haven’t posted a winning season in three years and haven’t been in serious contention to win the Big 10 since they last won in 2012

Still, there’s reason for optimism. They won four of their last six games in 2018 after starting 0-6 in Scott Frost’s inaugural season. Most importantly, the school introduced some extremely cool alternate uniforms on Monday that they’ll wear at some point this season.

I do love the classic look of Nebraska’s normal uniforms. The red and white just screams crunchy leaves, a brisk breeze, and smash-mouth football. But these new black unis are pretty sleek. There’s just something so crisp about red and white contrasting the black. Maybe it’s because I grew up during the Tiger Woods era, or perhaps I watched Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse far too often this past year. But it’s one of the coolest combos in sports, in this blogger’s humble opinion.

This won’t be the first time Nebraska has worn the black with red highlights, but it’s the most recent iteration from the last time they did so in 2015. It might not propel them back into the double-digit win column, but I’d say it’s a step in the right direction. Look good, feel good, right?