Nebraska Players Now Suing Big Ten Over Decision to Postpone Fall Football Season

Nebraska / Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

There will not be a Big Ten football season in 2020. This is a 100% certain stone cold lead pipe lock fact. While most schools have turned their attention to the possibility of playing in the winter and spring of 2021, people in and around the Nebraska Cornhuskers team just won't accept reality. According to eight Nebraska football players filed a lawsuit against the Big Ten trying to get it to overturn its decision to postpone the season.

Six of the eight players involved have parents in the Nebraska parents group so you know who is steering the ship. This is the same group that sent a strongly worded letter to the B1G last week when it became apparent that the Huskers weren't just going to be allowed to go independent for a year. It is unclear if any Nebraska parents made it to Chicago to protest in front of chain restaurants near the closed B1G offices.

It is also unclear why this group refuses to just move on and try to play football three or four months later than usual. Over the last week, two sororities have been shut down because of COVID outbreaks and a school employee died.