Nebraska Man Gets Ticket For Driving Around With Giant Watusi Bull in Passenger Seat(s)


The Norfolk Police Department received a call on Wednesday reporting that there was someone driving around with a cow in the passenger seat. When they found the car, police performed a "routine traffic stop" according to the local news. That's when they discovered that the cow in question was a very large Watusi bull named Howdy Doody.

This is like one of those people who walk around with a pet bird on their shoulder, but this seems more cruel, even if this particular bull isn't freaking out. As you can see, the animal was jammed into the car and sh-t all over the back windshield because that's what it does. A full-grown Watusi is apparently somewhere between 1,000 and 1,600 pounds and this one can't do anything but stand still and crap on the car while he's being carted around town.

Knowing only what I can see in this video, the car was specifically modified so this dude could drive around with his bull. Probably initially in parades, but then for fun. The vehicle is an old police squad car with the P and O scratched off so it now just says LICE and he won't be charged with impersonating a police officer when he gets pulled over because he's driving around with a bull in the car.