Nebraska In "Serious Talks" With Bret Bielema Per Report [UPDATE]

By Ty Duffy

Bret Bielema may be heading back to the Big Ten, but not with Michigan. Football Scoop reported that Nebraska AD Shawn Eichorst had “locked in”one candidate. That candidate appears to be Bielema.

Bielema makes sense for Nebraska. He knows the Big Ten terrain. He knows how to find and to develop under the radar offensive linemen to fit his system. He has a track record of winning and assembling competent staffs. The more interesting question would be what the appeal of Nebraska is for Bielema.

The Cornhuskers have not been nationally relevant in more than a decade. Arkansas has hit higher highs in recent seasons. The B1G West is far more winnable than the SEC West. But, the B1G West also leaves Nebraska cut off in recruiting. The Cornhuskers no longer play in Texas. With B1G realignment, they will seldom play in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Getting Bielema to go there would be coup and add some actual spice to the Nebraska/Wisconsin “rivalry.” Whatever happens, we expect Bert will be earning a bit more money next season.

UPDATE: ESPN’s Chris Low reports that Bret Bielema will not be leaving for Nebraska and is #allhog