Nebraska Football Announcer Arrested for Stealing Money From Old Women

By Jason McIntyre

Patrick Combs, the public-address announcer for Nebraska football at Memorial Stadium since 2002, has been arrested for bilking two elderly women out of over $350,000.

According to the Journal Star, Combs was friendly with one of the women, a longtime University of Nebraska-Lincoln employee who was 88-years old and has dementia. But he took advantage of her and a 92-year old woman:

"Combs used Mosher’s checking account between September 2014 and January 2015 to buy cars, pay off a car loan and credit cards, install carpet at his lake house and get brickwork done on an outbuilding at his Gretna home, Koenig-Warnke said. Combs also gifted $150,000 and $100,000 to two of his fami"

How’d police catch Combs? He attempted to make a $1.75 million transfer from Mosher’s account – he had power of attorney, being a “friend” – but a State agency froze the transaction because it was so large. After speaking with doctors, it was concluded that Mosher’s dementia was so severe she “didn’t have the capacity to make reasonable decisions.”