Ndamukong Suh Stepped on Aaron Rodgers' Injured Calf

By Jason Lisk

Ndamukong Suh has a history with the Green Bay Packers–you might recall the stomp on Thanksgiving Day a few years ago that led to a suspension. This one will likely be much discussed. Aaron Rodgers has an injured calf, leaving the game at one point, and with the Lions trailing by two touchdowns and Rodgers going to the ground, Suh stepped on him.

Suh does have plausible deniability here–“hey, I was looking at the ball and didn’t realize what I was doing”–but it sure looks like he takes an extra step backward to get his target. Rodgers reacts in anger, pushing Suh away. It’s not the first time Suh has been involved in a “who me?” situation with a QB, as Matt Schaub and a kick to the groin come to mind as well.

[GIF by @mshamburger1]