NCAA Sort of Near Doing Something About North Carolina Academic Scandal Maybe


We’re nearing four years since North Carolina’s academic fraud scandal story broke. The NCAA’s investigation process remains ongoing. But, NCAA President Mark Emmert sees light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps.

"“Sometime in the relatively near future we’ll move toward a resolution,’’ Emmert told USA TODAY Sports, adding that he did not have a specific deadline."

This sounds good. Though, parsing Emmert’s words, the “relatively near future” means little given the relatively lengthy investigation. And, of course, “Moving toward a resolution,” does not mean resolving the matter.

There’s still no deadline in days, months, seasons, or years. So, this may not be the beginning of the end. But, we can surmise the NCAA process is at least past the end of the beginning.

North Carolina, not under NCAA sanctions, plays Notre Dame this evening for a place in the Final Four. Roy Williams, no joke, will get a $75,000 bonus for his team’s academic progress toward graduation.