NCAA March Madness Live App Sent Notifications Saying Canceled VCU - Oregon Contest Was a 'Close Game'

Osun Osunniyi after VCU won the A-10 tournament.
Osun Osunniyi after VCU won the A-10 tournament. / Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

If you have push notifications set up for the March Madness Live you can find out whenever there is a close game so you can tune in and never miss a great ending. On Saturday night the app sent out a notifcation saying that the Oregon Ducks had a 1-0 lead over the VCU Rams. This came as a surprise to anyone aware the game had been declared a no-contest because VCU had COVID issues.

Now, this obviously isn't a big deal. The program in charge of sending out notifications saw some funky data and told anyone who had opted in to listening.

Still, it's another reminder. They're playing this tournament in a "controlled environment," which clearly means... not much.