NCAA Approves Unlimited Meals for Division 1 Athletes

Ryan Glasspiegel

Just a few weeks after UConn’s national championship catalyst point guard Shabazz Napier said that there were nights that he went to bed “starving”, the NCAA Legislative Council has voted in favor of enabling universities to provide their student-athletes with unlimited snacks and meals. Funny how these things work. Previously, players were permitted to receive either three meals per day, or a food stipend.

The new provision seems sensible, although hopefully there will be safeguards against rampant waste. Also, it would seem as though resource-rich schools would gain a recruiting advantage, but it’s hard to see it becoming anymore lopsided than the current system wherein the best athletes are wooed with the most expensive facilities and coaches.

Nevertheless, some, including the characteristically humorous Frank Kaminsky, are wondering when they’ll reap the spoils of the new system:

After the NCAA’s Board of Directors meets to finalize the ruling on April 24th — one could not imagine that being anything other than a formality, but, then again, it is the NCAA — Frank’ll need to take that up with Bo Ryan and Barry Alvarez.

Important Update: