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NBC4's Pat Collins Gets to the Bottom of 'Mike is a Cheater' Car Vandalism Case

Stephen Douglas

Pat Collins is a veteran television reporter in Washington, D.C. with a flair for the dramatic and a love of snow sticks. So when something weird happens in the DMV, NBC4 sends him out into the field to capture the story as only he can. Most recently that meant reporting on a case of mistaken identity where a woman's car was vandalized by someone upset with a cheater named "Mike."

Here is the full video.

The man is a treasure. And it's great when an artist like Collins can really sink his teeth into a part like this. The stakes seem extremely high at first, but the victim wasn't the intended target and her insurance is taking care of everything, so it's really not that big a deal. Which means Collins can pretend to smash the front window and grill her about the Mikes in her life.

It's been a decade since Collins (probably) first went viral by putting on a grape costume to interview a high schooler dressed in a banana costume.

Let's hope the first thing Banana Man did with his new studio is record a theme song for Pat Collins. The man deserves one.