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NBC Sports Chicago's Warriors Graphic Built On Firm Foundation

Kyle Koster

With no Klay Thompson available this season, the Golden State Warriors face an uphill climb if they are to re-emerge as contenders come playoff time. The good news is that there's a whole regular season to figure out just which combination of players can replace some of his production.

Through two games, the joint production of Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Oubre was not getting it done. And NBC Sports Chicago was locked and loaded, ready to make this point as cleverly as possible via graphic.

Give that person a raise because they are worth more than every penny. Replacing Klay with Bricks. Who thinks of this stuff — except the smartest of the Three Little Pigs?

Wiggins and Oubre largely continued their cold shooting in Golden State's road victory over Chicago, combining to go 9-for-33 from the field. A dub's a dub for the Dubs, though.