NBC Sports Chairman Mark Lazarus Hates NHL Playoff Beards


Beards … am I right? They’re on faces everywhere these days from your favorite radio-friendly alt-rocker, to your local craft beer bartender, to (ahem) your humblest sports blogger. Beards remain a fixture in playoff hockey, as teams let it grow out until they’re eliminated.

Admittedly, the humble author of this blog post doesn’t know very much about fashion trends — my local barbershop canceled its GQ subscription — but I’ve seen the groan-inducing term “lumbersexual” appear in my Twitter feed numerous times in the last couple months. This could be one of those terms that only appears in the bubble of social media, but it apparently exists.

Short story short, beards appear to be “in.” Granted a slob such as myself saying beards are “in” likely signals just the opposite. Whatever.

NBC Sports Chairman Mark Lazarus must not swim through the Twittersphere or keep up with the trends because he apparently isn’t a fan of the beard, specifically the NHL playoff beard. Lazarus told Ed Sherman, through the Chicago Tribune, he would prefer it if the players shaved. The reason? Money and marketing, duh.

[insert the world’s biggest eye roll]

Per Sherman’s story, Lazarus conveyed his anti-beard message to the league and player’s association.

My guess is they rolled their eyes, too.

[H/T Kyle Koster]