NBC's Kentucky Derby Ratings Up From 2016 Thanks to Horses' Lack of Liberal Bias?

Stephen Douglas

Always Dreaming won the 143rd Kentucky Derby on Saturday. The coronation of Always Dreaming was a big ratings win for NBC as the Kentucky Derby it’s best overnight ratings since 1992. Probably because Always Dreaming refused to get political.

Always Dreaming helped ratings bounce back from a disappointing 2016 Derby. While both ’16 winner Nyquist and Always Dreaming were bred in Kentucky, neither of the horses voted in the ’16 election because they are both too young and horses.

As for the 1992 Derby, you probably recall watching Lil E. Tee win the $724,800 purse on May 2, 1992. 13.7 million people watched as Lil E. Tee, a Ross Perot supporter [citation required], won a thrilling race as favorite (and noted Clintonista) Arazi finished 8th.

Of course, the other possible explanation for the strong ratings this year is that people were calling their friends during the race to tell them to turn on NBC and check out the hijinks of Thunder Snow. Everyone loves some good old fashion horsing around.