NBC Gloats About NFL Victory over World Series in the Ratings Game

By Jason McIntyre

Not surprising: According to overnight TV ratings, the Packers/Saints game topped Game 5 of the World Series Sunday night. This trend has been happening for years, and it doesn’t tell us anything we haven’t known for years.

Surprising: The NBC Sports PR department decided to take a shot at Fox in regards to the victory.

As Fox is quick to point out, the 11.4 overnight for the Packers/Saints game was the lowest of the season for SNF, and obviously way down from last Sunday when Peyton Manning set a record.

Wisely, the World Series has the night off so as not to go up against Monday Night Football (and the Cowboys).

Best case scenario for MLB: The Royals win Game 6 Tuesday, setting up a must-see Game 7 Wednesday.

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