Here Are the Worst Missed Travels in NBA History

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A monumental moment for the NBA occurred last night as LeBron James was whistled for a traveling violation after taking at least twice the legally supported number of steps

We need to tread carefully here. The person who trolls through spectacular basketball plays only to point out when these world-class athletes technically travel is a lost individual and no one likes them. We would never do that. What we would do is playfully point out that it's always funny when an NBA superstar — or even an end-of-the-bench player — is permitted to treat the hardwood as though it's a dance floor at a wedding reception and the Cupid Shuffle is blasting. 

It was so surprising to the officials actually penalize James for exploring the space with such footwork because the boundaries of what a player can get away with have been pushed so far to the extreme. 

Without further ado, and because extensive listicle preamble is no way to make friends and win influence, here are the most outrageous NBA travels that went unpunished.

Bradley Beal

Okay, let's just address the elephant in the room. NBA referees are 100 percent complicit in this proliferation of waltzing around and making it impossible for a defender to provided any resistance. This clip from The Jump shows Bradley Beal taking a half-dozen steps and deking a helpless Blake Griffin at the rim. There's no reason to debate whether it's a travel or not.

And yet they do. With the most only voice that matters saying that it's not a violation based on some nebulous and entirely convenient "gathering" verbiage. Which is just an abomination. Don't believe me? Try doing this in a pickup game and arguing that it's not a travel. You won't be invited back. Hell, you shouldn't be invited back and left to live out the rest of your days in shame.