NBA Wants Drake To Tone Down Sideline Antics

Ryan Phillips

Drake may have to calm his act down a bit. The world’s biggest Toronto Raptors fan has drawn the attention of the NBA for his antics on the sideline during games.

The NBA reportedly spoke to the Raptors during the Eastern Conference Finals about the rapper’s behavior on the sidelines. That probably has something to do with Drake’s calmer demeanor during Game 6 of the team’s series with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Last year, the NBA warned him about his antics after he had a confrontation with then-Cleveland Cavaliers center Kendrick Perkins during the postseason. This would seem to be a second warning, though it was issued to the Raptors and not directly to Drake.

Aside from being a Toronto native, Drake does business with the Raptors and is also a “global ambassador” for the franchise. Still, there are lines he shouldn’t cross and stepping onto the court during the game or rubbing the head coach’s shoulders likely flew far past those lines.