'NBA Today' Produces Outstanding Segment With De'Aaron Fox, Domantas Sabonis

'NBA Today'
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One of the primary complaints I hear all the time about daily sports shows is that there is a lack of actual analysis happening. Which is fair, for the most part. Loud arguments drive more viewership than in-depth breakdowns of why a player did a certain thing at a certain moment in time. Most sports fans just don't have the bandwidth to care all too much about the deep intricacies of the game and studio shows reflect the broadest interests of the fans. A good chunk of the audience is there to be entertained, not to learn.

However! Those same studio shows are entirely capable of allowing us to glean a deeper understanding of why things happen the way they do on the field of play. Those segments tend to be few and far between for the reasons listed above, which is why something like yesterday's episode of NBA Today really stands out.

ESPN brought De'Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis into the studio to break down their go-to play for the Sacramento Kings. It was very interesting and the hosts did an excellent job complementing the stars of the segment by asking pertinent questions to draw out more explanation.

This strikes the ideal balance of dipping beneath the surface to understand why something happens but not getting too into the weeds. An ideal combination to grab casual viewers who want to learn more and satisfy the diehards who tune in specifically for moments like this.

A great idea that was executed well.