NBA Title 2018 Odds: Warriors Have Big Gap Before Cavs; Everyone Else a Longshot

Ryan Glasspiegel

The NBA season is over, which means that it’s time to start diagnosing what’s going to happen next year. The Las Vegas Superbook has released their early title odds:

Not that you needed Vegas to tell you this, but the odds of a fourth straight finals between the Cavs and Warriors are quite high. Yes, the NBA features some of the best athletes in the world; I’m not sure why I should care about contest outcomes especially in the regular season when there are apparently no stakes.

I’d make an even money bet right now that the Warriors win the next two titles. Would anyone bet against that at even odds?

For odds longer than those, Bovada sent the following lines out earlier:

The Bucks could be a fun play there. Maybe take a flier on them, hope they win the East, and then either hedge or sell on the secondary market if they somehow made the Finals?