The NBA's 'Snitch Hotline' Is Blowing Up

Ryan Phillips
NBA Suspends Season After Player Tests Positive For Coronavirus
NBA Suspends Season After Player Tests Positive For Coronavirus / Jeenah Moon/Getty Images

As most of you know, the NBA set up an anonymous hotline in its Orlando bubble for participants to call in and police the behavior of everyone inside. Dubbed the "snitch hotline," the service had largely been quiet during the first few days of the league's quarantine. That appears to have changed.

Shams Charania is reporting that multiple tips have been dropped on the hotline to report protocol violations:

He's also reporting players have received warnings from the league about breaking the rules:

I know "snitching" is supposed to be a cardinal sin, but in this context it's actually a good thing if you want the NBA season to happen. Idiots who break the quarantine, violate protocols and don't wear masks are the only thing standing between us and a real finish to the NBA season. The players need to police each other if this is actually going to work.

Put me fully on Team Snitch during the NBA's Orlando bubble. I want this damn season to start and finish with no hiccups. We need sports back.