Dr. Anthony Fauci Approves of the NBA's Plan to Return

Liam McKeone
Dr. Anthony Fauci
Dr. Anthony Fauci /

Last week around this time, it was all but a foregone conclusion the NBA would return by July 30, pretty much everyone invited would show up, and there were some smart measures in place to handle the possibility of a positive test for coronavirus as well as could be hoped. The last several days have introduced a new bout of doubts as many players have expressed concern with returning, both for safety issues and in light of the civil unrest in the country.

There's still a lot to do before things get underway, but at the very least, the league has a stamp of approval that means quite a bit nowadays. Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on The Stadium presented by UI Health to discuss the return plan, and believes it's a "sound" plan with the right intentions at play.

Not only does the nation's foremost public expert on COVID-19 believe the league's plan is creative, he also believes it could be successful, which is really excellent news. As dearly as we all want basketball back, nobody wants to return unless the proper protocols are in place to keep the personnel safe.

It will not be possible to ensure safety with a 100 percent guarantee, but if Dr. Fauci says it's a good plan, then we're off to a good start.