NBA Reporters Should Probably Stop Doing Impressions of Players and Coaches


Earlier this week on the Bill Simmons Podcast, Jackie MacMullan did an impression of Joel Embiid. On his next podcast, Simmons apologized by saying that they realized it could be taken the wrong way and explained that The Ringer had uploaded an edited version of the podcast. Here is the original audio as well as the apology.

This was not the first time that MacMullan shared an anecdote on Simmons' podcast this year that needed to be clarified on another podcast. She may not be only one after today. On the latest episode of Brian Windhorst's podcast he broke out an impression of Paul Silas.

This is some very cringe-worthy stuff that sounds incredibly awkward at best. May be best not to do impressions of existing people that you wouldn't be comfortable doing in front of them.