Somebody is Going to Crash Into the NBA's Rail Cam

Liam McKeone
NBA Rail Cam near-disaster
NBA Rail Cam near-disaster /

Calamity nearly struck the Dallas Mavericks last night when Luka Doncic, in the process of running down a loose ball, was nearly waylaid by one of the rail cameras moving up and down the sidelines of the NBA's courts. The cameras are automated as a part of the league's effort to maximize broadcast angles during the Orlando bubble without the extensive staff that usually comes along with the effort. Fortunately, Doncic was quick on his feet and darted out of the way just as the camera was about to fly by.

That is not nearly as far off the court as I would have figured, and it feels like there is a very high chance somebody is going to wind up crashing into one of them. Most guys probably won't have the momentum to end up that far past the sideline when scrambling for a loose ball, but it's entirely possible a Marcus Smart-type will go hurtling 10 feet past the court directly into a moving camera. In fact, I would call that a likely scenario.

The camera would take the worst of it, of course, and they can always be replaced. But the last thing anyone wants is for a hustle play to result in a banged-up shoulder or something because Zion Williamson trucked a moving camera. It would be a highlight for the ages if he didn't get hurt, but nonetheless! I hope to be labeled a false prophet here, but the odds seem in my favor.