NBA Playoff Picture: NBA Playoff Bracket if Season Ended Today

The Big Lead
Los Angeles Lakers v New Orleans Pelicans
Los Angeles Lakers v New Orleans Pelicans / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

The NBA Playoffs Play-In Tournament begins in approximately one month. With about a dozen games to go the playoff picture is usually coming into focus, but this year's standings seem much more precarious than previous years. If the playoffs did start today, here's who would be in, who would be out and who we'd see matched up in the first round.

Eastern Conference Standings

1. Milwaukee Bucks (50-19)
2. Boston Celtics (47-22)
3. Philadelphia 76ers (45-22)
4. Cleveland Cavaliers (44-27)
5. New York Knicks (41-30)
6. Brooklyn Nets (39-30)
7. Miami Heat (37-33)
8. Atlanta Hawks (34-35)
9. Toronto Raptors (33-36)
10. Washington WIzards (32-37)

The Milwaukee Bucks are slowly pulling away from the Boston Celtics for the top seed with the Philadelphia 76ers lurking with their eyes on the 2-seed. The Brooklyn Nets are hanging on despite trading Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

Western Conference Standings

1. Denver Nuggets (46-23)
2. Memphis Grizzlies (41-26)
3. Sacramento Kings (40-27)
4. Phoenix Suns (37-32)
5. Golden State Warriors (36-33)
6. Los Angeles Clippers (36-33)
7. Minnesota Timberwolves (35-34)
8. Oklahoma City Thunder (34-35)
9. Dallas Mavericks (34-35)
10. Los Angeles Lakers (34-35)

The 10th-seed Los Angeles Lakers are currently three games out of the 4th seed where they would have homecourt in the first round. They could also finish with the third worst record in the conference and completely miss the playoffs. In fact, eight teams are within four games of the Phoenix Suns who are still waiting to incorporate Kevin Durant.