The NBA On TNT Twitter Account Doesn't Appear to Know Much About the NBA All-Star Game

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant won his second NBA All-Star game MVP award in 2019. | Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Every now and then we see some version of this game format where you give players a value and build your roster. Twitter loves this activity. With the NBA All-Star game approaching the official NBA on TNT account submitted this version of the meme and holy moly is it bad.

How did this come from an official NBA league partner? They need to show this to the Inside the NBA crew just to see whose head explodes first.

It's hard to say who has the most ridiculous value or is the silliest inclusion or dumbest omission. Allen Iverson had two good All-Star games and he's worth 4 points. Vince Carter has never scored more than 16 points in an ASG and he's worth 3. Dirk scored more than 13 once.

Kevin Durant has appeared in 10 All-Star games and he's averaged 25 a game and won two ASG MVP's and he's only 1 point. Oscar Robertson won THREE All-Star game MVP's and has the sixth most assists and field goals in ASG history and he's not included.

Seriously, who put this together?